Pool Farm
Chipping Sodbury
Oct 23rd 1925 England.

Dear Cousin Edward,

Thank you and the children so much for your kind letters - it is such company in this strange land to hear from our real relations.
I had a letter from Katie a short time after yours, she said she had not written sooner as things were not going on to her satisfaction, one of the Moore boys (Aunt Janes grandsons) went to live with her when she was left alone, I do not know if he is there still.
Affairs in Ireland seem quieter - not the bloodshed there was but taxation seems very high, and although we should all like much to go home one has to consider ways and means of living there.
A farm near Castletreasure was sold a few days ago for two thousand five hundred, less than a thousand acres I think, it was not freehold.
Our present home is about five miles from Fishpond one of the suburbs of Bristol and thirteen from the centre of the city.
Although the farm is rather small one happens to have a very convenient new milk business, having only to put the churns out on the roadside.
The prices are fixed at 1/3 and 1/5 per Gal for the winter months .
Trusting you are all quite well- with fond love to all,

Your fond Cousin Bessie