Pool Farm,
C. Sodbury,
23. 11. 25.

Dear Dora,

It was really very good of you to write me such a nice long letter and thank you so much for the photos. Your house seems a very pretty one I know one very like it here.

How are you getting on with your music ?, although I learned it is not at all my strong point.

How did you like your Grandfather's photo. I always- -----

page missing

-------idea of what we are like. Do you go to the seaside from where you live. We are so far here, we seldom go.
We used to when we were in Ireland. I daresay your father may remember Crosshaven.

It is early autumn here now and very nice weather. We got in our main crop of potatoes to-day. They are very good and so were the early ones.

Do you decorate the churches there for Harvest festival ? We do here. Do you ever think what you you would like to be when you have finished school.

Please write when you have time.With very best wishes to all.
I remain, your fond cousin

Ella Ross.