Prospect cottage
Nov. 17th 1927

My Dear Ned,

It is such a long time since I wrote to you, you will be suprised to get a letter now. I am still here and glad to say I have very good health up to the present after all the trouble I've been through. I hope you and Ida and family are quite well. I suppose Nola is a great girl now - you should have got her in for the beau contest, she is such a fine child. How is Ralph getting on. Sara Fuller was buried early this year. She was in a home down in Limerich, they are all dead now. J W Bennett got her buried in Ballymoney next to George - Annie, Georges wife is living down in Queenstown. I was down to see her the 15th August. She is anxious I would take a house near Cork and she would go and live with me.

I expect to be compensated by the English Government for Bobs murder. It is expected to be paid soon - I made the application more than a year ago. I got £350 a few months ago it was left to Bob after his sister Annies death so I claimed it. I don't know what we will get from England, my claim is £4,645 but of course I won't get anything near that. Hoping to hear from you soon. Wishing you all the compliments of the season from all.

Your fond
Cousin Katie.