Millville Clonakilty
20thMay 1926

MY dear Cousin

I got your letter yesterday and note contents, I did not know you had a daughter, I hope she is (in) living in comfort and if she could manage to take you in it would be the best arrangement you could make. I was pleased to hear your health was improved. I am sending you five pounds and would have made it more only that there are some extra claims on me now. We buried your Cousin George Fuller at Ballineen, it was the smallest funeral I ever was at, there were only six of us at it, he seems to have outlived all his friends. He had been living near Cork for some time. All our friends here are well thank God but Marions eldest son was ( ?-ed) up again, he got the Flue and it left a (gathering ?) under one of his eyes which was very painful and the Dr's. think there will have to be an operation through the nose. Her daughter has a son out in Canada all doing well. John I Fitzpatrick is very well, his son by the second wife turned out badly, he had to send him to America, there is trouble in lots of families.

Your loving cousin
John Wesley Bennett